Goal Setting – Setting TIME-BASED Goals!

Time for the last step of our goal setting series – setting TIME-BASED goals. We have made our goals more specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic so now we have to make a timeframe for them. Any goal worth making needs a cut off date. We all know that we are better at reaching goals when they have a deadline.

So with our weight loss example, we need to pick a timeframe that works for the amount of weight we would like to lose. Think about this in terms of 1-2 pounds per week as normal, typical, and healthy. If you want to lose 30 – 50 pounds that means you’re looking at 6 – 12 months instead of saying it’s going to be accomplished in 3 months, etc. This allows us to make sure we meet goals or get close in a reasonable amount of time.

With the marathon example, you need to make sure to pick a deadline that makes sense and allows for you to train properly. This will be dependent on your own fitness level starting out, etc. Just make sure that regardless of what your goal is that you make sure you pick a timeframe that allows for a true lifestyle change, not just a quick fix! Quick fixes pay off in the short term but many times we end up right back where we started and needing to start over and try a different way so keep working towards that progress, not perfection and keep pushing.

Stick to your goals and keep working! New series coming up next week so stay posted!

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