Goal Setting – Setting ATTAINABLE Goals

It’s the 3rd letter of the goal setting series now so we’ve discussed having specific goals, measurable goals, and now we move onto ATTAINABLE goals! Also, make sure to check out the intro to this series as a starting point here.

So what does that mean? A lot of times we set goals for ourselves that are extremely large and sometimes out of our capabilities. We may say that we are going to reach towards a certain weight loss goal for instance that is just unattainable within a timeframe we set for ourselves. For example, I have had situations where someone comes in to the gym ready to reach their weight loss goals and they want to lose let’s say 30 pounds in a month. That is not going to be attainable in a healthy way – it could be done in unhealthy manners or extreme, drastic, supervised ways – but not in a club setting where we want people to lose the weight and reach their goals in a healthy, gradual, LONG STANDING way.

Taking the marathon example from the last post, someone who wants to run a marathon in the next 6 months needs to start training now. That goal is, again, unattainable in a safe manner, if someone does not choose to properly train for the marathon by starting in a timeframe that allows for proper training and not going too far, too fast and risking injury.

When you look at your goals for 2016, are they attainable for you in a safe and healthy manner? Ask yourself if they seem like something you can achieve and that you’ve given yourself enough time to complete them.

And remember the theme of the series, we aren’t aiming for perfection, just progress.


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