Goal Setting – Setting MEASURABLE goals

If you’re just joining in the series make sure to check out these 2 first:

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Setting SPECIFIC goals

Our next step is to take our specific goals from the last post and attach something measurable the to them so what do I mean? If we stick to the example before of having a goal of losing weight that is very vague, we need to attach a number (now some fitness professionals prefer not to use weight as that number). For that number it could be pounds to lose, it may also be a waist circumference, a size of jeans, etc. The problem that does come into play when we talk about weight loss is that pounds are not always equal in appearance. Yes, a pound is a pound in weight, HOWEVER a pound in muscle vs. a pound in fat looks COMPLETELY different! So if you are losing weight correctly, please understand that as you get closer to a realistic goal weight, the weight may not reach the number you want if in fact you are also doing resistance training and potentially (hopefully) gaining muscle as well. So I always suggest having a weight goal in mind (because let’s be honest, at least for most of us, we have that # in our heads  and it’s hard to get rid of) but also have a measure that isn’t weight such as fitting back into a certain outfit or jeans, etc. or having a certain circumference in the waist and hips (both of which are great measures of risk of heart disease).

By picking a number, a size, a pair of jeans, etc. we have now made our goal a measurable one that is now specific of losing “X” amount of weight AND fitting into our favorite jeans. That is both specific and measurable.

Maybe your goals aren’t related to weight loss and they are related to running your first marathon, then to be specific and measurable you need to say you plan to run a marathon on “X” date (go ahead pick out and sign up for one – just give yourself enough time to train properly) and then pick a time to finish in. I say this knowing that many of us (myself included) do NOT care about time in the least so my goals for half marathons were always to finish below a certain time but they were never anything super performance related – my goal was always to finish and not give up at first – that may seem vague but it is in fact measurable – did you give up? Did you finish? Did you run the whole thing? All of these are measurable.

Keep it up and keep moving to those goals! As always don’t strive for perfection, strive for progress. Perfection is the enemy of productivity so just keep doing your best and you’ll get there.

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