Goal Setting – Setting SPECIFIC Goals

If you haven’t seen the intro post related to goal setting, check that out  here.

The first step in setting SMART goals is setting SPECIFIC goals. So what does that mean? It’s just not good enough to set a goal to lose weight or to get more fit. Great intentions, yes, but we need to be much more specific. Let’s take an example of wanting to lose 30 pounds:

Vague goal: I’d like to lose some weight in 2016

Slightly more specific: I’d like to lose 30 pounds in 2016

Specific goal: I am going to lose 4 pounds a month in 2016 and a total of at least 30 pounds for the year.

Now, there are several more steps to finishing a SMART goal but this addresses the specific part – how much is your larger goal and then a specific goal for a shorter time frame which sends me on a small tangent – it is GREAT to have large, awesome, amazing goals for the year and you SHOULD!, but remember that these have to be broken down into bite size chunks that are possible and don’t overwhelm us. If we pick broad, vague goals only, we have a tendency to fall into a situation where we will just give up because it seems to large or impossible.

This is not the year for that! 2016 is the year you are going to keep going strong and continue to push towards your goals even when you embrace obstacles and challenges! As stated in the intro, we aren’t looking for perfection, just progress always!

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.38.02 PM

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