Cravings – why?!?!? what does it mean ?!?!?

CravingsWhy do we have cravings for certain food? Probably a long list of reasons, but usually it means that we either have a deficiency of a certain nutrient and our body is trying to tell us (easier to handle as we can then substitute a healthy option if we choose to) OR it means that because of the amount of salt, sugar, and fat we have come to expect in certain foods, the “bliss point” as they refer to it in the processed food industry has changed and gotten higher so we must eat more or add more sugar, salt, fat, etc. to make it taste the same.

Do you find yourself grabbing for different foods all day thinking “this is what I want” just to eat it and find out you’re still not satisfied and need something different? I do this ALL THE TIME! And usually we grab the unhealthy options (i.e. those containing tons of salt, sugar, and fat) to try and find what we’re looking for. What should we be grabbing? I found a great chart on the website Click here to check it out!

Which ones stand out to you as possibly something you need?

For me, it’s chocolate, sweets and general overeating so my focus over the next week will be to get more fresh fruits (works out well since it’s summer!), protein, fruits and veggies.. see not that unlike what we should be eating anyways so jumping back on the wagon and working on getting cravings under control.

Who’s with me? Next time you’re craving something, take a look at the chart and see what you can grab that’s a healthier choice instead!


Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.38.02 PM

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