Fit Looks Different

What does “fit” look like to you?

We all have ideas of what fitness looks like or what fit people look like, but are we correct? Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Some may disagree but there are a lot of overweight people who are very fit and a lot of what we perceive as “skinny” who are not fit or healthy. Another example is that body builders aren’t generally “healthy”. The extremes used to get a certain aesthetic are not a way to stay that way long term, etc.

I know several people may be disagreeing with me right now but it’s truly what I know and what I feel. Now, there are some people who definitely have the “aesthetic” fit look who are healthy and manage to stay that way and stay looking this way all the time. They work hard and maintain this look by eatingĀ  a balanced healthy diet, working out consistently and always striving for new goals.

The main point of this post is that you shouldn’t judge your own fitness level or someone else’s simply by their outward appearance. Yes, obesity is not healthy and I am not condoning that, but there are some fit people who others would see as overweight and some unfit people that others strive to be so try to be nice to yourself and others by looking past just the outward and judging fitness by their health, eating habits, and workout consistency instead. Those are the things we can control. If someone is working hard and eating well, just doesn’t “look” the part, it’s not fair to not give them credit for how far they may have come and what they are working toward.

Try to remember that next time you’re in the gym looking around or judging yourself against others.


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