Dynamic Stretching and Warm-Up

Welcome to Part 4 of the 5-part stretching series!
Dynamic Stretching can be useful as part of a warm-up for an athletic workout, run, etc. The purpose of dynamic stretching is to warm-up the muscles and help get the blood flowing and ready to work!
Try out these simple dynamic stretching movements and look for more in the advance post in Part 5 of the series! Repeat each 15-20 times on each side then get right into your workout!

Make sure to go down to 90 degree angles and spread feet far enough apart.
Lower body to the middle.

Leg swings front and back 

Side Leg Swings
Swing leg out to side and then across body.
Repeat on both sides. 

Arm Swings

Cross arms in front of body and then open wide to warm up chest and back. 

Take feet out wide and reach towards opposite foot.
Return to upright position and repeat on other side.

Air squats
Lower to 90 degree position (almost seated)
Aim to reach elbows towards knees and make sure to set hips back.
Up next: Advanced Stretching Techniques

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