Static Stretching Low Back and Trunk

Welcome to Part 3 of the 5 part stretching series!
This week the focus is low back and trunk. This tends to be where most people hold tension and feel the most tightness as a whole so make sure to add this to your post-workout routine soon! Hold these stretches for 30-45 seconds per stretch and no bouncing!!
 Reach for toes!

 This should look familiar!
Set hips back to open up through upper back, glutes, and hamstrings
Stretch out nice and long.

Knees to chest

Trunk twisting
(Start lying flat on ground, reach one leg over and lower knee towards the ground. Look over the opposite arm and keep shoulder flat on the floor) 

Upward dog
(If this one is too strenuous, raise up onto forearms only)

Child’s pose
(Set hips back on heels and keep arms extended long, reach fingertips out long)

Standing trunk twists
(Take one leg up onto step, chair, stool, etc. and reach across body and rotate to a point of mild tension only)

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