Static Stretching Upper Body

Welcome to Part 2 of the 5-part stretching series! 
Check out Part 1 here!

This week the focus is upper body stretching exercises.
The same rules apply so hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds to the point of mild tension, not pain!
(keep hips square to the front and hold both elbows, leaning to one side, then the other)

Take arm across body and grab above or below elbow

Anterior shoulder
(Grab wrist and apply slight pull to feel stretch in front portion of shoulder)

Chest stretch 
(Press palms toward each other or clasp hands and pull back and down to open up chest)

Upper Back Stretch
(Take hands together in front of body and round through the shoulder blades)

Triceps overhead
(take hand up and behind head, apply slight pressure with opposite hand around elbow or under arm)

Upper back and shoulders
(Set hips back and drop head between shoulders)
Stay posted for Static Low Back and Trunk Stretching!

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