30 day challenge update

How am I doing so far on my 30 day challenge to myself?

So far so good! I have a handful of others that I know about trying the challenge! Post in the comments section how you’re doing!

I haven’t seen a ton of physcial changes but as always I do feel more energy and feel better throughout my day so that’s definitely a plus. I will take measurements and post any changes next week at the halfway mark.

So you might ask, what have I avoided that was tough? ALOT!
I passed on cupcakes from a new bakery here in Cville, passed on dessert and mac ‘n cheese at the end of the year banquet for the UVA cheerleaders last night, and haven’t missed a workout yet!

I have to say I got very frustrated earlier this week when I wasn’t seeing any results, but just as I tell my clients and was reminded by my older, wiser brother (haha ;)) I need to have patience which has never been a strong suit of mine.

Please let me know how the challenge is working for each of you and keep going strong!

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