30- day Challenge

Hey all!!

So I’ve caught myself cheating a lot recently, both with my eating and my working out. I’ve basically been  eating a paleo diet since August and through December I honestly cheated very little (i felt great and looked better). Now I’ve caught myself cheating more often and even with my workouts (I teach a lot of classes) I don’t push myself as hard as I have in the past.

Yes, this type of thing even happens to those of us who have made health and wellness our careers! 

So I have a solution and if any of you are interested, you’re more than welcome to join me. For the next 30 days (April 9th – May 9th) I am going to be very strict and NO CHEATING!  That may mean different things to each of us depending on our goals, but here is what it means for me:

1. Paleo eating lifestyle (again, no cheating)
2. Working out for no less than 30 minutes/day EVERY DAY during these 30 days.

  • 30 minutes if it’s super high intensity, longer if it’s moderate intensity
  • For me, this is in addition to the classes I already teach (my body knows those and has adapted so they won’t provide the same results I’d like)
3. I’m going to be super open and honest during these 30 days, if I cheat, I’m going to post it. I am going to weigh and take measurements of myself.

You may ask why I would choose to do this to myself, but the last time I was strict on my paleo eating lifestyle, I felt amazing and looked great. I don’t know that others notice a difference in the way I look either way because it’s not like I ever go any period of time without working out and my cheating is still better than many people’s normal eating patterns, however I want to prove to myself and others that 30 days when you set your mind to something is long enough to see some results and definitely enough time for you to FEEL differently and have the motivation to keep going for the long haul!

Stay posted for results and updates and join along if you’re up for the challenge!!

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