Plyometric Water Workout

Have you tried out the deep water workout yet?

For a more weight bearing (see post here for explanation of how much weight bearing) workout, move to the shallow end of the pool and start working plyometrics in the pool! Again, this workout is for everyone. If you are working on losing weight, pregnant, have joint pain or are recovering from an injury you get less body weight to have to move and if you’re training for an event or are an athlete, give those joints a break and get your plyos completed in the pool!
Warm-up (5-10 minutes)
Think large muscle movements, so jog in the shallow end, jog left to right to work laterally, high knees, butt kicks, etc. and don’t forget the arms! Move them in front in a sweeping motion or down below the water.  Also do some jumping jacks and cross country skiers as well
Plyometric Work (5-10 minutes)
(Complete this set with 1 minute work/30 second rest intervals)
  • Squat jumps (1 minute)
  • Water polo jog (1 minute) – wide jog with the legs, push water away with arms at side
  • High knee jog (1 minute)- pretend like you are running through tires and get those knees up!!
  • Cross country with knee tuck (1 minute) – cross country with tuck up in the middle and switch legs to touch back down to bottom of pool
  • Line jumps (1 minute) – imagine a line on the bottom of the pool, get those knees up but keep your feet and ankles together
  • Tuck jumps (1 minute) – Knees to chest, try and get chest out of the water
Interval Set (Pyramid Style)
(This set is ALL sprinting in shallow water)
20 seconds on/40 seconds off
30 seconds on/30 seconds off
40 seconds on/20 seconds off
50 seconds on/10 seconds off
40 seconds on/20 seconds off 
30 seconds on/30 seconds off
20 seconds on/40 seconds off
Now repeat the plyo set, followed by the interval set, and then cool-down by repeating your warm-up and you’ve got 45-60 minutes of intense workout in the water. Remember to push yourself just as hard as you would on land 🙂

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