Deep Water Running Workout

When you need a break from running on land, tape a dip in the deep end of your indoor or outdoor (when it’s warm again ;)) pool to take the pressure off. Check out my blog on why water exercise is good for you here.

Who is this for?
Everyone!!! Yes, as I stated in my previous blog water exercise is great for those who are overweight, pregnant, older, have an injury and/or joint pain, but also great for cross training!!!!
What equipment do you need?
Aqua jog belt (make sure you fit it tightly)
Bathing suit
Deep water
What do you do once you get in the water?
30 minute deep water run with intervals:
4-5 minutes warm-up
(use this time to get used to the movement in the water and work on engaging the core and make sure to also use your arms)
1 minute sprint
1 minute jog
(Repeat 10 times)
(As with all intervals, you can increase the work time and decrease the rest periods as you become more fit and more comfortable in the water.)
5 minute cool-down
How do you know what your sprint pace is in the water?
Test yourself……
  • Count how many times your right foot goes down towards the bottom of the pool while jogging at a comfortable pace you could maintain for the entire 30 minutes.
  • Then double this number and add 10, sprint for 1 minute to see if you reach this number. If you do, then keep adding 5 to this count until you reach the number that you CAN reach but it’s very challenging. 
  • Remember to re-test yourself every few weeks as you progress.
** You can expand this workout to 45 minutes or an hour when necessary by increasing the total number of intervals completed**

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