Egoscue Experience

This week I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary intro session at Pain Free Performance. I had the pleasure of meeting owner, Cindy Meyers, at the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce Quadruplicity Event last week. Ihave to say I didn’t know a lot about the Egoscue method, but Cindy was interested in working with trainers in the area who do functional training and I took her up on the offer.

It was a great experience! 

I went in without any pain or complaints really (this is not usually the case when people go in) and received a full postural assessment where Cindy was looking for faults in alignment and she found a few. The part that really caught my attention, and where I started to buy into this method was when Cindy asked if I ever had knee pain (of which I had told her nothing of). When I simply answered yes, but it’s chondromalacia (arthritic) and there’s nothing I can do about it, she advised me that while many people say that, she thought she could offer some relief.

We did a lot of work on loosening up and unlocking my thoracic spine. Why? Because my shoulders and thoracic spine are tight, therefore tilting my pelvis on one side. This causes my knee pain to be exacerbated!! Keep in mind, I never told her that I have pain occasionally in my knees or diagnosed arthritis until she found it herself.

I was given a series of exercises that take 30 minutes or so a day to work on re-aligning these issues and I’ll be reporting back what happens over the next month or so. I did leave walking more lightly and with my shoulders and spinal column loosened up!

If you have pain and have tried other options to treat the pain, I urge you to check out Egoscue and find someone who offers it around you! If you’re in the Cville area, definitely check out Pain Free Performance!

2 thoughts on “Egoscue Experience

  1. ~ Magen says:

    If you ever get a chance to check it out it's totally worth it! Basically the theory behind it is great and sums up to we shouldn't strengthen muscles around joints that are out of place or out of alignment which is true. It's a much gentler way (if you're patient) and much more permanent that just getting adjusted by a chiropractor and then going back.. supposedly if you keep up with the exercises then you'll stay in alignment. After 2 months you go into maintenance.

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