Sipping Smarter Through the Holidays and New Years

Cocktails, happy hours, specialty drinks: all of these tend to increase in consumption over the holidays and New Years, but they don’t have to wreck your healthy eating habits.  See below for some facts about healthier switches and more calorie conscious cocktails:

If you’re a beer lover watching your calories, opt for a lighter beer (under 100 calories) such as:
Budweiser Select 55 (55 cals, 2 g carbs)
Amstel Light (95 cals, 3.5 g carbs)
Miller Light (96 cals, 3 g carbs)
Heineken Light (99 cals, 3.5 g carbs)

Most wines tend to be around 100 calories already so always a great option!

As we all know, liquor drinks can vary greatly in calories from under 100 in some cases to over 600 in others (think margarita and alot of frozen specialty drinks). We tend to consume more of these throughout the holidays and some really pack a calorie punch so here are some healthy swaps for some of your favorites:

Gin and Tonic (146 cals, 9 g sugar) —————-> Gin Rickey (114 cals, 1 g sugar)
Screwdriver (146 cals, 9 g sugar) ——————-> Bloody Mary (118 cals, 1 g sugar)
Eggnog (591 cals, 26 g sugar) ———————–> Hot Toddy (164 cals, 18 g sugar)
Whiskey Sour (184 cals, 18 g sugar) —————> Presbyterian ( 123 cals, 5 g sugar)
Black Russian (192 cals, 8 g sugar) —————-> Irish Coffee (147 cals, 9 g sugar)

** The key to most (not all) healthier options when it comes to liquor is to watch the sugar content, it leads to a belly bloating feeling.**

* Liquor swaps obtained from Men’s Health November 2011

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