Varying strength workouts

I’m back!!! And hopefully will be much more consistent. 🙂

If you’re the kind of person that gets used to a certain type of strength training routine and don’t change it up a whole lot here are some suggestions so you can actually keep seeing results:

1. Make sure to increase weight (females- this is necessary, don’t be scared you’ll get significantly larger).

2. If you do full-body workouts, switch to push/pull (chest/triceps one day, back/biceps one day) or chest/back one day and bis/tris/shoulders one day.

3. Use free weights rather than machines (usually recruits more muscle fibers)

4. Switch exercises for each muscle group often… you shouldn’t do the same workout more than 6 weeks.

5. Move through exercises quickly (decrease rest)! You’ll get your heart rate going more and burn more calories (always a plus!)

6. Use fun equipment (TRX and Kettlebells!!! Pics and videos to come in a later post). If you make it fun, you’ll stick to it!!

This one’s short but if you have questions, send them my way and keep watching for fun new exercises!!!

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