Exercise Adherence

How do you find the motivation to start/continue a workout program?

Depends on who you are and how you’re motivated.. first you have to think about why you want to start a workout program? Is it to become/remain health? Is it to change your appearance? Did someone else tell you that you need to?

If you answered yes to any of these, then we’ve got a starting point. If you answered yes to only the last question, truth is, you may not be ready.

In order to get and stay fit and healthy, you’ll find the most success if you are intrinsically motivated. Unless you want the results and want the results for yourself, not someone else, you won’t stick it out or maybe you will, but you’ll resent it and never learn what so many people miss out on… the wonderful benefits of exercise unrelated to health and appearance.. exercise can be a mood changer, a motivator, a stress reliever, a release and so many other things.

You may be one of the people who truly thinks they hate exercise. If you are, my challenge to you is to find a personal reason, unrelated to another person’s thoughts or opinions, that YOU want to add exercise to your lifestyle and then just push through and do it for a month. If you still hate exercise and can’t see the benefits aside from the way you look, then please leave me a comment and let me help you because you must not have found the right type of exercise for you.

Another challenge is that while you are doing this for a month, let the people who are important to you know. Accountability can be huge. I usually tell people to try a find a workout buddy which is a good idea, but one caution….. don’t get a workout buddy that you are constantly going to compare yourself to.  Exercise response varies depending on so many factors and no 2 people are going to respond exactly the same. You will not be successful in learning the joy of exercise if it’s a competition.

In my upcoming posts, I’m going to touch on specific cardio training systems, resistance training program set-ups, and specialized equipment that may help you so keep reading and as always if you have a topic that’s on your mind, let me know and I’ll make sure to post about it!

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