Getting Help…. Nutrition

So… one of the first things I always tell my clients and people who ask me for health and fitness advice is to simply get help! I don’t just say this because part of my job is to give help and thus they would then hire me…. I say it because it’s true. For a lot of people it’s not as simple as joining a gym and starting a program. It’s a combination of working out with the right frequency and intensity, having the mental capability to push through when you want to stop, and eating healthy. 

I’d like to think that since I have several thousands of dollars in education and certifications and continue to get more that I already know all of these things for myself as well. But I’ll be honest…. that’s not always true. We all have trouble taking advice from ourselves. For me personally, I know the working out part like the back of my hand and definitely have the mental capability to push through. I also eat healthy but recently I took my own advice and got help with the nutrition side.  We all have trouble taking our own advice at times and this was mine.
I tell my clients who are trying to lose weight that they need to eat small meals/snacks frequently (typically every 3-4 hours) to keep their metabolism up and that quite often they are not eating enough because they just want to lose the weight and so they cut back.  We have to eat enough calories during the day to keep our metabolism functioning at a high level and to allow our muscles to recover. If we don’t do this our bodies go into starvation mode and we tend to decrease our weight loss  I, like most females in America, always want to lose 5 or 10 pounds and go back and forth between weights all the time depending on what kind of training I’m doing. So, with training clients and teaching classes and working out on my own 5 times a week, you’d think I would have absolutely NO problem dropping weight, right?
Not true!!
I thought I should be losing weight as well so I met with the dietician at the facility I work at.
I had my resting metabolic taken about a year ago and it was low, around 1080 calories so I’ve been eating between 1300 and 1500 per day to try to lose a little weight.  Well, due to the increases in intensity and frequency of my training, my metabolic rate is 1590 calories!!!!! (Sidenote: this proves that increasing activity can definitely help 😉 ) I had mine measured with MedGem which is a breathing tube you wear for 10 minutes or so.
So… basically I’ve been in starvation mode for the last 6 weeks.  I’ll continue to post as to how my eating habits are changing but looks like I need to take my own advice and eat more frequently, eat small snacks, and keep my metabolism up without starving myself. With a few minor changes, I’m hoping to see all the difference.
Take home message:
– if you think you’re doing everything right but not seeing results, get help!
– if you can find out your resting metabolic rate, do it! (There are equations for this as well)
– eat frequently and eat small portions throughout the day

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